Sophie Holt - 3D Environment Artist


Over the past four years I have been learning to use a range of industry standard tools to create 3d art in order to gain a career in the games Industry. These tools include 3dsmax, Photoshop, Zbrush, Xnormal and UDK.

I love to create; inspired by unique experiences, worlds and stories. Always eager to learn and strive for quality no matter the constraints. Of course I'm a fan of big AAA games but I also love that mobile games have a wide range of appeal for a large audience by utilizing big game aspects such as social, competitive and reward systems. Art is also pushed in more directions and it's great to see all the creativity happening in smaller teams.

3d environment art is my focus and that's what drives me most of all; however if there is ever a chance to expand and learn new skills I will always take the opportunity to do so.

I have produced some work for the indie project 'M3CH' in my spare time, working with ios constraints.

CV -

I am currently looking for work.


  • 3d environment assets for games


  • Low & high poly modelling
  • high poly sculpting
  • UVs
  • texturing
  • mesh & shader setup